For teachers

Teachers bear a huge responsibility – one tomoni mental health wants to share by empowering and supporting them. Specially developed training modules are designed to help teachers and all school stakeholders detect warning signs of mental conditions at an early stage and to enable them to provide initial support. The training focuses on developing skills in recognizing mental conditions and actively dealing with affected individuals and the people involved with them. Based on school life situations it addresses questions such as: How do you approach young people you are concerned about? How should you react in acute crises? Whom should you contact when you detect warning signs? How do you involve the parents of those affected? 

The online training, which means it is accessible from any location, is specifically designed together with psychiatrists and psychologists for use in schools and is scientifically assessed on an on-going basis. tomoni’s scientific advisory board monitors development of the modules.

The offering is available to all teachers and school counsellors as well as students. Those interested can avail themselves of the basic offering, refresh what they have already learned or acquire more in-depth knowledge on detecting specific illnesses. 

The educational advisory board makes suggestions and provides feedback from everyday school life – information then used to further develop the training programs on an on-going basis.