Frankfurt, May 24, 2022

800 parents talking about mental health digitally

Two online events were organized together with the Frankfurt city parents’ council and another with the Elternakademie of the VHS Marburg-Biedenkopf in December 2021, and February and May 2022. More than 800 parents took part in the three events, which were organized as talks “by parents for parents”.

Testimony of personal experience with suicide of one of the four children of the founder of tomoni mental health served to launch the talks, to make other parents more aware of worrying behavioral changes in their children and to render the topic of mental conditions more visible. Feedback on the events confirmed that there is no such format on offer at present and that parents’ need for training is very high.

Feedback from participating parents helps to improve our understanding about the worries and fears of the social environment of children and adolescents with mental conditions and how to address these when designing training and prevention measures at tomoni mental health.