Frankfurt, June 21, 2022

Early identification of mental conditions of young people - Alix and Oliver Puhl launch tomoni mental health gGmbH

As part of a ceremony on at the Frankfurt Roemer to register Puhl Foundation in the Golden Book of foundations, Alix and Oliver Puhl announce the launch of tomoni mental health gGmbH, a nonprofit focusing on the early identification of mental conditions of young people. tomoni is a Japanese word meaning ‘together’.

Alix Puhl describes tomoni’s vision as follows: “We want children and adolescents to lead a life worth living. Markers of mental conditions are detected early in their school and social environment. Affected individuals are not stigmatized, but receive attentive, competent support.”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Reif, Director, Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main, and Head of tomoni’s scientific advisory board provides some background: “75 percent of all mental conditions diagnosed in adults arose while they were still at school. Therefore, it is particularly important to support young people proactively and quickly. Early-stage diagnosis and targeted therapy of most mental conditions enables patients to cope better with their illness and lead a happy life worth living.”

tomoni’s goal is to detect markers of mental illness early to enable those affected as well as their social environment to live a content life that is worth living to them.

Oliver Puhl sums up tomoni’s work: “We want to achieve our goal with our scientifically substantiated digital training programs and preventative measures. We are starting with an offering for teachers, followed by separate offerings for children and adolescents, and their parents.”