Frankfurt, July 4, 2022

Positive feedback from second Frankfurt School Suicide Prevention Day. Participants want a repeat in 2023

The second Frankfurt School Suicide Prevention Day was held at the beginning of July 2022 with about 230 participants. Because of limited space, not all requests to participate could be honored. Lectures, interactive workshops, and talks given by those affected provided participants once again with an opportunity to further their knowledge and expand their own capacity for action when confronted with mental conditions. Almost 180 participants took part in an online survey after the event. More than 70% rated the event as “very good” or “excellent”, almost 22% as “good”, i.e., 95% of the total number of participants. 93% were in favor of a repeat event next year. 72% would like to participate again themselves, while 18% said “maybe”.

Feedback from both the workshops and the online survey allow for continuous improvement in the design of the training and prevention measures by tomoni mental health.